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PayNearMe builds technology that leads to better payment outcomes for businesses and their customers.

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Personalize the Payments Experience with

Custom Parameters

Configure PayNearMe to show the exact data your consumers and agents need, when they need it.

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Streamline the Payments Process

Stop relying on workarounds to meet your needs.
Fully Customizable
Import the data that matters for your business and customers.
Complete Control
You choose which fields to show or hide and who sees them.
Build Smart Rules
Use custom parameters to build advanced business rules and automate key tasks.

Endless Customization

No matter what kind of business you’re in, custom parameters transform the PayNearMe platform into a tailored experience for your agents and customers. Here are a few examples of how PayNearMe’s clients are using custom parameters to their advantage.

  • Detailed Payment Breakdowns
    In industries like mortgage servicing, show exactly how a payment breaks down into principal, interest and insurance components.
  • Show Agents Critical Information
    Show call center agents critical business information on the fly, such as foreclosure status or customer communication preferences.
  • Build Rules with Hidden Fields
    Use parameters to create configurable business rules behind the scenes.
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