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Five Lending Trends to Watch for in 2019 — 5 of 5

December 18, 2018

#5: Move Towards Digital Presentment

Author: John Minor

As 2018 comes to an end, new technology and deeper market knowledge bring more opportunities than ever for lenders to stay on top of regulations changes and better position themselves for the upcoming year. If you are a lender looking to revamp your services, stay updated on this five-part series on top lending trends to watch for in 2019. In this fifth installment, lenders learn about moving towards digital presentment to enhance, accelerate, and implement new features to existing payment processes.

 By moving to digital presentment, collectors can move away from paper to accelerate more on-time payments and make room for faster, easier, and safer payment processes. Going digital not only reduces friction to improve user experience, but also provides a myriad of opportunities for integration with existing lending systems. Digital presentment also allows lenders to seamlessly introduce intuitive features for payment reminders, instant payment confirmation, and mobile wallet integration, which are especially useful for customers paying over a mobile platform.

Moving to fintech payment platforms ensures a mobile-friendly, accredited, trusted, and intuitive payment experience for both customers and merchants. Whether it be cash, debit, credit, or bank account transactions, digital presentment provides a complete solution.


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