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Case Study

City of North Las Vegas Reduces Number of Customers Waiting in Line by 28% in 6 Months

The City of North Las Vegas serves 85,000 households across a broad geographic area and receives thousands of walk-in cash payments per month.

The Problem

Each month, thousands of residents showed up at the City of North Las Vegas’ payment office to pay their utility bills with cash. Many more mailed in money orders and checks. The manual process of collecting and reconciling paper-based payments was both time-consuming and resource-intensive for the city.

For residents, many of whom live and work far from the payment office, paying with cash meant driving or taking the bus in rush hour traffic and/or leaving work early in order to pay during business hours. Those who waited until the last minute to pay and couldn’t get to the payment office in time often found their service disconnected. The cost to restore service was costly to the resident and the City.

The City of North Las Vegas wanted a way to make paying utility bills easier for cash customers, while still meeting customer demands for immediate payment posting.

The Solution

Through PayNearMe, the City of North Las Vegas now gives customers the option to pay their water bill at 7-Eleven and other stores close to where they live and work, resulting in shorter lines in the City’s lobby. The City has also absorbed the nominal convenience
fee, making the service free to its residents. Payments post immediately and customers get a receipt as proof of payment.

Implementation was simple. PayNearMe easily integrated with the City’s website, allowing residents to print a payment barcode or send
it directly to their mobile phones to be scanned in store. Payment codes were also added directly to utility bills for customers’ convenience.

PayNearMe trained City call center agents to answer questions and equipped them with the option to send out barcodes to residents via text and email.

The Results

  • More than 28% of the City’s walk-in cash payment traffic migrated to PayNearMe within 6 months, reducing the strain on their main office staff.
  • The number of payments conducted through PayNearMe continues to grow month over month growth as more residents migrate to PayNearMe.
  • Residents who live or work far from the office can now pay at their local 7-Eleven store at night or on weekends, enabling the City to collect payments even when the office is closed.

Give your customers an easier way to pay with cash.