You’ll Love Us Because

  • Our network of over 30,000 retail stores nationwide means your riders can load fares where they live and work
  • Implementation options require minimal or no IT resources
  • The delays caused by transit operators facilitating cash payments on-site is reduced

Your Customers Will Love Us Because

  • They are no longer limited to paying with exact change
  • No more lines at ticketing machines
  • 28% of American households have limited or no access to a bank account and even more simply prefer to pay with cash for budgeting or security reasons

How it works

Give customer a PayNearMe payment code via text or email, which they can also print.

Customer hands the payment code and cash payment to the cashier at a participating retail store and receives a receipt.

You are instantly notified and funds are transferred to your bank account.

The PayNearMe Solution

Flexible integration and customization options that adapt to your workflow and industry practices. Solutions that seamlessly work to add cash to your Property Management Platform

Add PayNearMe to your website

Place PayNearMe's PAY WITH CASH button on your site. After your customer clicks the button and enters their account information, we send the customer simple instructions on how to complete the cash payment at their local store. If your customer should have any questions during the process, our English and Spanish customer service teams are available 24/7 to help.

Fully customizable user experience

Our API allows your system to securely transmit a customer's account information to PayNearMe as soon as they choose the PAY WITH CASH option. You have the ability to customize this presentation and flow. Depending on the customer's preference, we can deliver their PayNearMe payment code via email or SMS message to be scanned in-store.

Today, more than 80 percent of the fare value collected on the bus or through our ticket vending machines is paid in cash. PayNearMe put together an innovative response to our request for customer cash management that incorporated an excellent mobile solution, a thoughtful smart card solution, and a strong footprint of retail partners that ensures a broad cross section of grocery, convenience and bodega retailers to serve our customers.
David Leininger
Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) EVP & CFO

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