Reduce Risk & Automate Tasks with

Logic-Based Business Rules

Use business rules based on your organization’s requirements to mitigate risk, decrease operating expenses and drive ideal customer payment behaviors.

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Automate Your Ideal Payments Process

Business Rules are automated, logic-based rules used to perform automated sequences of operations based on “if, then” statements.
Mitigate Risk
Drive specific consumer behaviors based on customer history & risk factors
Lower Payment Returns
Reduce ACH returns paperwork, processes and penalties for agents and customers.
Reduce Operating Costs
Drive ideal payment behaviors based on customer payment history.

Use Cases

Use our standard business rules inspired by existing clients, or request your own business rules to customize the PayNearMe platform to your requirements.

  • Control Payment Frequency
    Only allow a certain number of payments in a certain time period. (e.g., X payments per month) to reduce risk.
  • Manage Payment Behaviors
    Remove specified payment options if there is a history of unsuccessful payments.
  • Limit Overpayments
    Create specific parameters around payoffs to reduce overpayments.
  • Minimize Risk
    Restrict how far in advance autopay and future-dated, one-time payments can be scheduled.
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