Accept All Payment Types

Give your customers more payment options by accepting cash, debit, credit, and ACH payments 24/7 electronically with a trusted, reliable, transparent and mobile-first platform.

Merchants Love PayNearMe

  • Multiple Payment Options

    Cash, debit, credit and ACH payment options; with payment reminders and mobile wallet integration.

  • Hassle-free Payment Acceptance

    Secure and easy payment acceptance with minimal chargebacks.

  • Easy Integration

    Seamlessly integrates with existing apps, websites, mobile phones, and mobile wallets.

Customers Love PayNearMe

  • Affordable Solution

    Lower convenience fee compared to alternative payment options.

  • Flexible, Simple, Convenient

    Multiple payment options with a mobile-first, fast, simple, and convenient payment process.

  • Payment Reminders

    Never forget another payment with SMS, email, and push notification reminders.

3 Ways to Integrate

PayNearMe offers businesses an easy way to get paid

Add PayNearMe to your website

Simply add a marketing link to your website or a PayNearMe button.

Use our self service web tools

Send your customers to our self-service web form or collect payments using our ccollector portal.

Build a fully customizable experience

Customize your customer’s payment experience using our rich set of API’s.

A Better User Experience

Give your customers a simpler way to pay

  • Single solution for cash, debit, credit and ACH
  • Mobile friendly
  • Uniform experience
  • Multiple payment channels
  • No friction with a simple 3 step flow
  • Payment reminders
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