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Application Security Analyst/Engineer

Remote/United States

Company Description:

PayNearMe, a service of Handle Financial, is the industry’s only platform that facilitates cash, debit, credit and ACH payments. With its great mobile experience, PayNearMe’s technology provides a simple way for businesses to collect payments through an intuitive, consistent experience for their customers. PayNearMe is the technology company that’s changing how payments are made.

PayNearMe is a small, diverse, and tight-knit company that loves to delight its customers (merchants, consumers, etc.) with simple, useful and practical product/service offerings. PayNearMe is a Silicon Valley technology company that’s in growth mode and looking to add an Application Security Analyst to our team reporting to the Chief Information Security Officer.

Who You Are:

You’re an application security person, a special kind of coder. You have a nose for ways systems break when actively exploited. You don’t just care that they work for the typical user: you care that against a hostile party, they don’t give up the goods.

What You’ll Do:

You’ll ensure our transaction processing applications can’t be breached. We run a regulated payment network, so you’re playing in the big league. You are responsible for reviewing design and implementation. 

Since you are a coder, you’ll also build security tools. 

You’ll be working with some of the best people in FinTech. FinTech is about being agile and innovative, but also about being fundamentally reliable. Those objectives are in constant tension and it’s your mission to see that they are met.

Security isn’t an afterthought, and we practice what we preach. This company was built on solid principles from Day 1. You won’t walk into a place where your job is to backfill a bunch of deeply-hidden weaknesses and clean up a bunch of technical debt. 

You are also wrapped in a solid security team that comprehensively covers all aspects of our mission.


  • Keep us secure!
  • Review the design of new features and products
  • Review the implementation of all code (mostly Ruby and Javascript)
  • Think critically about architectural strengths and weaknesses
  • Evangelize and mentor the engineering team about secure coding
  • Build security tools
  • Be innately curious about how applications are broken, breached, or abused.

If you are a strong coder but have limited experience in security, we’re willing to consider helping you become a world-class security architect.

Typical Qualifications:

  • 5 or more years developing and/or security-reviewing Ruby (and Rails) code
  • Thorough understanding of typical security vulnerabilities
  • Knowledge of authentication and authorization, applied cryptography
  • Knowledge of web technologies and network protocols
  • Bachelor’s degree in CS, engineering, or related field, or equivalent experience
  • You know how to use static code analysis tools
  • Ability to communicate about security
  • Optional: you understand AWS security services (such as IAM and CloudTrail) as well as data storage and processing (such as Kinesis, RDS, and DynamoDB). 
  • Of course: interest in all aspects of security research and development

Perks & Benefits:

  • Location: Flexible (remote working opportunity available)
  • Company-paid health insurance including medical, dental, and vision
  • Company-sponsored life and disability insurance
  • Stock options package
  • Stimulating start-up culture committed to diversity and inclusion
  • Flexible time off
  • Paid parental bonding leave

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