Case Study:

How OneMain Financial Saved Big by Digitizing Cash

See how OneMain Financial's "cash-free" initiative helped them save money and improve the customer experience—a win-win for everyone involved.

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No cash? No problem.

OneMain Financial was facing a big challenge: how could they continue to service their cash paying customers without dealing with the risks of accepting, handling and transporting cash?

In this new case study, we’ll share how OneMain found a loophole that would please customers and solve their cash problem—leaving all parties better off in the end.

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Collecting Cash: Why It Matters

Only a fraction of your customers need to pay in cash, but those payments can add significant costs and risks.
You need a dedicated staff member to collect cash payments at your place of business.
The face-to-face nature of cash poses health risks to your employees and customers.
Holding and transporting cash can create security risks, especially on peak days.
Cash Flow
If your physical branches need to close, you lose the ability to collect cash payments.
Reconciling cash payments creates more work for your accounting and finance teams.
Customer Experience
Customers often have to wait in line during typical workday hours to make a payment.

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