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Make Payments Painless

Reduce the barriers to payment for all your customers. PayNearMe’s single platform enables more ways to pay, at more locations, through more channels.

Flexible Payment Options

PayNearMe empowers your customers to pay how and where they choose, increasing satisfaction while reducing delinquencies.

  • Every Payment Type
    Accept debit, credit, ACH and cash—plus mobile-first payment methods including Apple Pay and Google Pay.
  • Every Device
    PayNearMe works across mobile, desktop and tablet devices—no apps to install.
  • Everywhere
    Customers can initiate payments via the web, email, text message, phone and even in-person at a nearby retail location.
  • Modern User Experience

    Increase on-time payments by making the process quick, simple and easy for your customers.

  • Login-less Payments
    Send pre-authenticated links via SMS or email to customers so they can click and pay—no account numbers or passwords required.
  • Lightning Fast Experience
    Enable customers to pay a bill in as little as seven seconds with a simple, mobile-friendly user experience.
  • Build Better Habits
    Support autopay, scheduled payments and automated reminders so customers pay on time, every time.
  • Smart Engagement Engine

    Encourage better payment behavior by engaging your customers with payment reminders, important announcements or delinquency notifications.

  • Automated Messaging
    Create automated programs that activate when certain criteria are met.
  • Detailed Segmentation
    Choose from dozens of demographic and behavioral traits to create highly segmented groups.
  • Reach More Customers
    Send bulk emails or text messages, or enable push notifications if digitals wallets are in use.
  • Built-In Bilingual Support
    Send both English and Spanish notifications based on language preferences.
  • Innovative Features

    As technology changes, so do consumers’ expectations. Stay ahead of the curve and deliver the innovative features and functionality your customers demand.

  • Google Pay & Apple Pay Integration
    Your customers can complete payments with Google Pay or Apple Pay and securely store their favorite payment methods and credentials in their mobile wallets.
  • Digital Disbursements
    Instantly return payments, fund loans or issue claims to your customers' bank accounts through their debit cards.
  • Ongoing Innovation
    Delight your customers with new features and functionality introduced weekly, without scheduled downtime.
  • Your Brand, Not Ours

    Build trust with your customers and make PayNearMe an extension of your business.

  • Designed for Your Business
    Change the colors, logos and other design elements to match your brand.
  • Highly Configurable
    Personalize the PayNearMe experience with custom help text, display options and more features that you define.
  • Consistent User Experience
    Deliver a clear, streamlined experience across all devices.
  • Built by Experts

    PayNearMe’s team of technology and payments professionals have redefined the ways you get paid. Not only does our expertise span user experience, mobile tech, engineering and payment processing—our people have played key roles in some of the most iconic technology products ever created.

    Meet the Team
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    With the launch of PayNearMe electronic payments, we can give our customers multiple ways to pay with an outstanding mobile-first user experience. Along with this, we can send SMS and email payment reminders, which means we get more on-time payments.
    Fred Ulloa
    Collection Manager
    MAS Financial