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PayNearMe builds technology that leads to better payment outcomes for businesses and their customers.

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Deliver the payment experience that works for your business.

Our technology, your way

Meet your brand requirements and payments needs with a highly flexible platform built to adjust to any business. Change colors, update key terminology, show or hide different payment types and much more.

Use Business Rules to automate your payments

PayNearMe Business Rules are automated, logic-based rules used to perform sequences of operations based on “if, then” statements. Business Rules help you solve complex business challenges, such as automating risk management, minimizing payment exceptions and driving better payment behaviors.

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Extend PayNearMe with Custom Parameters

Import or create any number of custom parameters, allowing you to capture, store and display the data that matters to your business. Use custom parameters to build Business Rules, integrate with 3rd party systems or show relevant information to your employees and customers. Control who sees each custom parameter and where they are visible in the platform.

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