PayNearMe Research

PayNearMe's primary research aims to uncover trends and revisit conventional wisdom to see what's really happening in the payments space.

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What the Newest Generation Expects from Paying Bills

How do Gen Z and Millennial consumers prefer to pay their bills? This new research explores how their payment behaviors and expectations differ from previous generations.

Why Consumers Pay Late

New research reveals why consumers pay bills late—and what you can do to encourage more on-time payments at your business.

U.S. Consumers Expect More Mobile Options for Bill Pay

In our newest report, learn which mobile bill payment options consumers are most excited about.

How Consumers Pay Bills: Expectations vs. Reality

In this report, learn how payments innovation drives consumer expectations for bill payment—and how consumer preferences differ from established behaviors.

COVID-19 Payment Trends

COVID-19 turned bill payment on its head. We monitored consumer payment behavior during the ongoing pandemic to bring you insights and trends from our primary data.

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