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iGaming Payment Optimization is Key to Player Retention

As day-to-day consumer payment experiences are simplified, expectations for the online betting payment experience are rising. Our newest research combines survey data and one-on-one interviews to provide a better picture of these rising customer expectations.
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Insight you’ll gain from this report:

  • Optimized payments; lower costs: Learn how to avoid payment issues that are costly to operators.
  • Friction fuels competition: See which experiences cause frustrated bettors to turn to a competitor.
  • Increase retention with your UX: Promotions can attract bettors, but what elements keep them coming back?
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About this research

PayNearMe partnered with Betting Hero in August 2023 to uncover the behaviors and preferences of both new and experienced online bettors.

What we aimed to learn:

  • How are bettor expectations of the user experience changing?
  • Are bettors willing to forgive certain roadblocks in the payment experience?
  • What can operators do to retain their best customers through the user experience?

Payment optimization protects revenue

Players interact with your payment flow frequently, with 16% of bettors depositing to apps weekly and nearly a quarter depositing monthly. Every one of those interactions should be positive and seamless to avoid bettors abandoning your app for a better experience elsewhere.

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