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Say goodbye to the limitations of your legacy payment technology. PayNearMe solves your biggest payment platform problems so you can focus on moving forward.

Payments are hard

Most payment providers can complete the simple task of moving money from point A to point B. But doing so efficiently, reliably and without heavy manual intervention? That takes an entirely different kind of platform.

If you struggle with any of the common payment problems listed here, it’s time we talk about progress.

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High cost of acceptance
Taking payments over the phone, manually reconciling transactions, managing multiple systems - all these drive up your cost, by a lot.
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Poor user experience
When your customers can’t pay you quickly, easily and with the payment methods and channels they prefer, they’re less likely to pay you at all.
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Too many failed transactions
Every unsuccessful payment is a payment that needs to collected, written off or retried, making each exception exceptionally difficult.
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Difficult to manage
More time spent managing technology, building features and fixing downtime means less time for innovation and growth.
Our promise
Go from a step behind to miles ahead
Upgrading your payments experience shouldn’t be the most painful project you tackle this year. With our innovative roadmap and proven implementation processes, we’ll partner with you to solve your biggest payments challenges—today and in the future.
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Solutions by industry
We build highly configurable and specialized payments capabilities that meet the unique demands of your business.
  • Drive up self-service payments and lower delinquencies with a platform integrated to your LMS.
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  • Future-proof your payments and increase the number of on-time payments from indirect borrowers.
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  • Simplify deposits and withdrawals with a single platform, contract and integration.
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  • Get more on-time payments and reduce chargebacks with an all-in-one payments platform.
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  • Improve invoiced toll collectability by offering frictionless, inclusive payment options to drivers.
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  • Meet the changing needs of your customers and accept all major payment types in one platform.
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Case studies
Delivering real results
More case studies
Personal Lending
OneMain Financial
To mitigate the risks of in-branch cash acceptance and reduce operating expenses, OneMain Financial needed a more economic, secure and convenient way to accept cash payments nationwide.
1,500+ branches
adopted cashless initiative
annual operational savings
“PayNearMe solved our challenges posed by cash payments. As a result, our ‘No Cash’ initiative has been an overwhelming success with our customers and team members across the nation."
Steven DeLutri VP/Managing Director & Assistant Treasurer
Toll Roads of Orange County
Serving over two million drivers a year, The Toll Roads of Orange county needed a way to make missed toll payments convenient, accessible and inclusive to serve the needs of all toll payers. With PayNearMe's scan & pay QR codes, mobile wallets and cash, they have been able to exceed expectations.
increase in QR code payments
increase in payments from drivers who were 5+ days late
“Within just two months of implementing PayNearMe QR codes, we saw rapid adoption by customers making payments.”
TCA Executive
orange county toll roads case study
Buy Here Pay Here
Northwoods Automotive
Northwoods Automotive, a leading automotive dealer in South Carolina, needed a way to reduce the amount of inbound payment calls being fielded by staff, as well as a way to reduce in-person payments to the cashier at the store.
reduction in inbound calls
of all payments are now self-service
"We feel good about the system. My front office loves it, and it has definitely taken a payload off of all of our finance staff. And it’s also allowed us to take some of those resources and put them into our service center and where we needed help."
Darrell Hood Sales Manager
northwoods automotive case study
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PayNearMe powers exceptional payment experiences for thousands of businesses. Learn how you can grow with us in your corner.
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