Lower the cost of acceptance—by a lot

Take advantage of tools that improve operational efficiency, drive up self-service and automate payment-related processes.
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paynearme smart link for lending

Frictionless 1-click payment links

With PayNearMe Smart Link™ technology, you can send personalized links that move customers directly into registered payment flows, enabling fast and secure transactions.

  • Fewer inbound calls
    Drive more self-service payments and reduce the number of support calls
  • More self-service channels
    Use 1-click payment Smart Links in SMS, email, chat, Agent Interface or in QR codes on printed statements
  • Secure & configurable
    Choose exactly what information can be accessed with a Smart Link to meet your compliance and security standards

Significantly improve uptime

Protect your business from unpredictable outages and improve uptime with Smart Switch™.

  • Redundant processing made easy
    Minimize the impact of downtime and outages with a single integration to multiple processors
  • Effortless reliability
    Real-time monitoring and anomaly detection triggers a review, and automatic switching mitigates downtime without intervention from your team
  • Zero downtime releases
    Eliminate the need for scheduled maintenance windows and planned downtime
Business Rules

Prevent problem payments

Create logic-based business rules to automate payment flows, decrease operating expenses and drive ideal customer payment behaviors.

  • Reduce manual work
    Build business rules to automate repetitive tasks through behavior based triggers
  • Risk mitigation & compliance
    Improve your compliance performance with rules that drive down exceptions and stop exception payments before they occur
  • No dev work required
    Business Rules don’t require additional dev time to build and maintain, allowing you to free up IT resources

Integrate with your existing systems

Simplify the onboarding process by integrating PayNearMe with your existing workflows, or by taking advantage of our fully hosted solutions.

  • Flexible integrations
    PayNearMe connects to many of the most popular systems of record across verticals
  • Embedded solutions
    Integrate PayNearMe into your existing apps and web experiences by leveraging code snippets or API connectors
  • Fully hosted payments
    Get started quickly with a secure and compliant experience for your customers and employees
engagement engine

Drive up payment conversion rates

Deliver the right payment message at the right time to each customer.

  • Automated reminders
    Ensure customers can pay on-time with automated reminders by SMS, email or push notification
  • Scale outbound collection efforts
    Create your own outbound messaging sequences to scale and automate collections
  • Built-in bilingual options
    Allow customers to receive messages in English or Spanish and set language preferences across payment channels
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"Switching to PayNearMe has significantly lightened my workload on a daily basis and made our month-end reporting a lot easier. We no longer need someone to batch post manually—the PayNearMe Platform does it for us."
Bethany Berg
VP of Operations
Automotive Partners Funding

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