A solution for every exception

Manage and solve for the edge cases that drive up your costs, including chargebacks, NSFs, overpayments and more.
Case Study: Leading non-prime auto lender cuts ACH return rate in half with PayNearMe
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Win more chargebacks

Save time and win back disputed payments with PayNearMe’s chargeback management portal.

  • Simplify chargeback management
    View and manage chargebacks across payment types in a single dashboard
  • Best practices & support
    Take advantage of PayNearMe’s library of chargeback prevention and management tips that will help you win more disputes

Enhanced risk & fraud protection

Improve acceptance rates and reduce the number of fraudulent payments that your team has to manage.

  • Stop fraud in its tracks
    Use machine learning and an industry leading community data to identify and flag risky transactions
  • Configure for your risk tolerance
    Set parameters and rules that manage which transactions to mark for review or block entirely
  • Automate risk and compliance rules
    Create rules that help prevent common fraud schemes related to overpayments, returns, NSFs and more
automatic retries

Automated retries

Reduce the number of insufficient funds errors and help customers avoid late fees with automatic card and ACH retries.

  • Increase acceptance rates
    Automatically retry failed card and ACH transactions without the need for agent intervention
  • Configure to your needs
    Choose the number and frequency of retries by payment method to match the needs of your business
  • Integrate with customer messaging
    Improve customer satisfaction with text message or email notifications of an upcoming retry
Business Portal

Manage your payments with ease

Take control over the entire payments experience with a robust Business Portal for provisioning, configurability, reporting, SSO setup, and more.

  • Report on what matters
    Build and schedule custom reports on the metrics that drive results for your business
  • Security built for you
    Take advantage of a range of security features, such as user roles and permissions, SSO setup and more
  • Personalize your experience
    Make PayNearMe your own by updating field visibility, brand colors, and other settings
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"We would never have imagined that we'd be able to reduce our delinquency rate to the low numbers we have now, given a portfolio of our size."
Angela Paez
General Manager
Zeus Financial

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