Need Help With Your Bill?

Contact your biller to get started. Once your biller has directed you to pay your bill through the PayNearMe payment network then completing your payment is a very simple process:

  1. Follow the instructions provided by your biller and select a payment option.
  2. For bank account and credit/debit card payments please enter in your account details, review your payment details then enter a payment amount and submit your payment.
  3. For cash transactions take the barcode provided and have it scanned at a payment location nearby. Submit your cash payment with the store cashier and take the receipt as proof of payment. There are over 62,000 payment locations nationwide including 7-Eleven and CVS Pharmacy stores.

If you have further questions please contact your biller directly.

The PayNearMe payment network supports the following payment options:

Contact your biller for more details.

PayNearMe is an electronic payment network that powers real-time bill payments, anytime and anywhere. We have partnered with thousands of billers to allow their customers to pay bills with debit and credit cards, bank accounts and cash at over 62,000 convenient payment locations nationwide. Contact your biller to get started.

Your security is our top priority so we’ve gone to extraordinary lengths to ensure that your information is a safe and sound.

To complete a cash payment, take the barcode provided by your biller and have it scanned at an authorized payment location. The barcode can be displayed on your mobile phone, a printed payment slip or a PayNearMe card. If you do not have a barcode, contact your biller for more details.

At the payment location, submit your cash payment with the store cashier and take the receipt as proof of payment. There are over 62,000 payment locations nationwide including 7-Eleven and CVS Pharmacy stores.

All fees are clearly stated before you complete any payment, but more importantly, there are no hidden fees. Fees vary depending on the payment option and the biller. Please contact your biller if you have any questions or concerns about service fees.

After making a payment, your payment is complete and your biller will be notified automatically. Please contact your biller with any questions about when they will apply your payment. Your receipt is proof of payment. Please review it for details pertaining to your payment.

  • If you paid with cash you will receive a printed receipt from the store cashier. You may also receive a digital version sent to your phone or email.
  • If you paid with a debit card, credit card, or bank account, the characters PNM*, the biller’s name, and business type will appear on your account statement.

If you made a cash payment and want view a detailed online receipt, you can look up your payment and receipt details here.

If you received a PayNearMe card from your biller it should be ready to make a payment at an authorized payment location. If necessary, you can register a card here. The PayNearMe card can only be used to make in-store cash payments.

Contact your biller if you need to request a refund.

Please contact your biller for all account related questions. If you have questions about a specific payment, please call PayNearMe’s customer support number at (888) 714-0004 or email