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Digital Disbursements

A fast, secure way to send funds to your customers. Streamline loan disbursements, escrow refunds, insurance claim payouts and more with PayNearMe's disbursements capabilities.

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The Fast & Easy Way to Disburse Funds

PayNearMe makes sending digital disbursements as easy, fast and convenient as receiving electronic payments.
Digital disbursements are near instant when sent via debit, PayPal and Venmo, and as fast as overnight with ACH.
Include multiple security checkpoints such as admin approval and customer phone number verification to reduce fraud.
Allow customers to input card numbers themselves, minimizing sensitive data shared over the phone and reducing PCI compliance scope.

More Ways to Disburse

Give your customers the freedom to choose how they’d like to receive funds.

  • Debit Card
    Get money off your books and into your customers' hands quickly using push-to-debit technology.
  • Bank Account (ACH)
    Send funds to customer bank accounts next-day via ACH to reduce costs and offer more customer choice.
  • PayPal and Venmo
    Instantly send funds via customer-centric wallet apps, including PayPal and Venmo.
  • Use Cases for Billers

    Digital disbursements help to increase customer satisfaction, reduce manual inputs and lower the risk of sending a check by mail.

  • Loan Funding
    Digitize your lending process by providing customers near-instant access to their funds.
  • Refunds and Overpayments
    Quickly clear overpayments and refunds off your books and reduce related customer service inquiries.
  • Insurance Claims
    Get money into the hands of your customers quickly, especially in emergency situations where access to mail isn't possible.
  • Paperless Initiatives
    Reduce or eliminate paper checks, envelopes and stamps for a more eco-friendly and cost-effective approach to disbursements.
  • Get Started with Digital Disbursements

    Ready to learn more about taking your disbursements digital? Request a demo to see how PayNearMe can help your business save money and send funds faster to increase customer satisfaction.

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    "The PayNearMe platform makes it possible for us to get the funds to members in need quickly, without a physical handoff and with minimal risk."
    Marcus Berkowitz
    Vice President of Technology and Innovation
    Grameen America

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