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PayNearMe builds technology that leads to better payment outcomes for businesses and their customers.

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Simplify your payment security, risk management and compliance requirements.

Experience unmatched reliability

PayNearMe maximizes your ability to collect payments by minimizing the amount of planned and unplanned downtime. Get the latest features and updates instantly with our zero-downtime maintenance and release schedule.

Take advantage of our advanced cloud-based architecture that provides ample safeguards and redundancies to minimize unplanned outages.

Reduce compliance scope

Send payment authorizations to customers in real-time to reduce the scope of your compliance requirements.

For cards, your call center agents can push a text or email to customers with a PayNearMe Smart Link™️, allowing them to click and pay while staying on the line—eliminating the need for agents to take card data over the phone.

ACH and autopay authorizations are built right into the payment flow, allowing agents to document each payment in a single click.

Automate important risk and compliance tasks

Use PayNearMe Business Rules and custom parameters to automate important risk management and compliance tasks. Set limits on individual payers for exceptions such as chargebacks and NSFs—and if the customer exceeds the threshold, automatically change how they can pay moving forward (i.e. don’t show them a card or ACH option in the payment flow).

Easily manage chargebacks and returns directly in PayNearMe, saving you time and effort while increasing your chances of winning disputes.

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