Benefits to Case Workers

  • Reduce operational overheads and drive efficiency by saving time for data entry & reducing the likelihood of errors.
  • Reduce administrative costs by decreasing the number of paper checks and money orders received for child support.
  • Instant payment notification and automated updates to Non-Custodial Parent’s payment record.

Benefits to Non-custodial parent

  • Meet child support obligations even when you move out of state.
  • Conveniently make payments on your own schedule in your own neighborhood.
  • Make installment payments you can afford.

How it works

Non-custodial parent contacts their case worker and provides case number, OR parent provides case number on business website.

Non-custodial parent receives a PayNearMe barcode including store locator via text message or email for immediate use.

Non-custodial parent presents the barcode with cash to a cashier at any participating retailer and receives a receipt.

The PayNearMe Solution

Flexible integration and customization options that adapt to your workflow and industry practices. Solutions that seamlessly work to add cash to your Property Management Platform

Add PayNearMe to your website

Place PayNearMe's PAY WITH CASH button on your site. After your customer clicks the button and enters their account information, we send the customer simple instructions on how to complete the cash payment at their local store. If your customer should have any questions during the process, our English and Spanish customer service teams are available 24/7 to help.

Fully customizable user experience

Our API allows your system to securely transmit a customer's account information to PayNearMe as soon as they choose the PAY WITH CASH option. You have the ability to customize this presentation and flow. Depending on the customer's preference, we can deliver their PayNearMe payment code via email or SMS message to be scanned in-store.

To fully serve the families in Nebraska, we needed to find another payment option. What better way to help them than by offering many payment locations spread across Nebraska and the United States? PayNearMe turns cash into an electronic payment, which saves us time for data entry, reduces the likelihood of errors, and allows us to be more efficient.
Troy Reiners
Director of the Nebraska Child Support Payment Center

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