Webinar: Lowering Chargebacks & Returns with Risk Management

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Proactively Reduce Exception Payments with These Tips

Exception payments—including chargebacks, ACH returns, and failed payments—may only represent a small portion of your transactions, yet they can account for a majority of your headaches. In this webinar, PayNearMe’s Chief Compliance & Risk Officer Shemika Jones will highlight the ways that you can use different risk management tools as a way to influence the number of chargebacks and ACH returns you handle each month.

Who Should Watch?

  • Consumer Lenders
  • Credit Unions
  • Mortgage Servicers
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Topics Explored

Understanding Risk
How much risk is your business comfortable accepting?
Proactive Measures
What processes and rules can you put in place to prevent failed transactions?
Handling Disputes & Returns
What can you do to win more chargebacks and fight friendly fraud?

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