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Digital Disbursements

A safe and fast way to push funds to your customers. Streamline loan disbursements, refunds, insurance claims and more.

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The Easiest Way to Disburse Funds

Send money as quickly as you get paid with digital disbursements.
Disbursements are routed over debit rails, depositing funds into your customers accounts in minutes.
Multiple security checkpoints including admin approval and customer phone number verification help to reduce fraud.
Meet the needs of millennial and Gen Z customers who expect digital transactions from their financial vendors.

Why Digital Disbursements?

  • Loan Funding
    Digitize your lending process by providing near instant access to funds that arrive in a customers account in minutes.
  • Refunds and Overpayments
    Quickly clear overpayments and refunds off your books and reduce customer service inquiries related to these disbursements.
  • Insurance Claims
    Get money into the hands of your customers, especially in emergency situations where paper checks may not be possible.
  • Paperless Initiatives
    Reduce or eliminate paper checks, envelopes and stamps for a more eco-friendly approach to disbursements.
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