Turn Offline Customers into Online Payers with

QR Code Payments

Experience the power of QR codes using PayNearMe Smart Link technology. By placing QR codes on your paper bill statements, you can give your customers an easy way to self-service and make electronic payments.

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Go Digital with QR Codes

Convert physical payers to digital payers. Enable your customers to quickly scan QR codes on their paper statements to make electronic payments.
Personalized Links
Customers scan a QR code on their paper bill to go directly to an online payment flow—no username or a password required.
Works on All Smartphones
Any customer with a modern smartphone can scan QR codes and make a payment; no special apps are required.
Reduce Agent-Led Payments
Increase agent productivity by decreasing the need to take in-person payments, process mail-in checks or take phone payments.

Easy 3-Step Process

Printing QR codes on your monthly bills is easy—just follow the three steps below to get started. See it in action by scanning the code on this screen with your smartphone camera.

  • Step 1:
    PayNearMe provides a unique payment link
  • Step 2:
    Embed the link to a QR code and place it on your bill
  • Step 3:
    Customer scans the QR code to complete a payment
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