A Comprehensive Guide for Lenders

Leading with Self-Service Payments

Self-service has become the de facto way for consumers to pay, yet many lenders still rely on live agents for the bulk of collections. In this guide, we'll outline the reasons why lenders should switch to a self-service payments model, and offer examples and guidance for leading a successful transition.
Leading with Self-Service Payments

The importance of self-service for lenders

The ongoing cost of running an agent-led process for handling customer support and payments can be prohibitive to the growth, and even survival, of lenders. This has been magnified with recent macroeconomic conditions, which have put an emphasis on reducing operational costs.

In this guide, we’ll highlight the:

  • Reasons why many customers still call to make payments
  • Disadvantages of agent-led payments
  • Anatomy of a successful self-service experience
  • Ways to educate customers and drive adoption
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I was worried that our phones were not working - but our payments were still coming through. Implementing PayNearMe drove down our call volume to almost silence.
Jose A. Gonzalez
Head of Customer Experience

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