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MoneyLine™️ Platform

Cardless Cash at ATM

Give players the option to withdraw cash fast at tens of thousands of cardless ATM locations.

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Cash Out with Ease

Cash remains an integral part of the player payment experience. MoneyLine’s Cardless Cash at ATM feature enables your players to withdraw cash from thousands of conveniently located ATMs across the country, all from their mobile device.

With no need for a physical card, payouts can be automated within the MoneyLine platform—allowing you to offer players a fast, convenient and trusted way to withdraw funds.

Improve player satisfaction Arrow
Give players access to their cash fast at thousands of local ATMs.
Reduce risk Arrow
Set daily and monthly cash withdrawal limits.
Automate cash payouts Arrow
Enable players to initiate and complete a cash withdrawal using only their phone.

How it Works

Step 1
Players initiate a withdrawal from their betting app and set a PIN.
Step 2
Players receive a text with a secret code and instructions for making a withdrawal.
Step 3
Players travel to one of the approved ATMs in the network.
Step 4
Players enter their phone number, transaction amount, PIN and secret code.
Step 5
Players receive their cash and a receipt of the transaction.
Step 6
Operators get a digital confirmation of the transaction.

Important Details

  • Withdrawals available in $20 increments, up to $500 max per transaction
  • Players have a $6,000 default monthly withdrawal limit, or set your own
  • Works at tens of thousands of participating ATMs across the U.S.

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