Smart Link™

With PayNearMe Smart Link™ technology, businesses can send personalized links that move customers directly into registered payment flows, enabling payments in a few short clicks.
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Faster Payments. Fewer Clicks.

Get started with PayNearMe Smart Link™ technology in three easy steps.
Step 1:
PayNearMe provides you with a secure, personalized Smart Link™ for each customer.
Step 2:
Use PayNearMe Smart Link™ in QR codes, text messages, emails or push notifications.
Step 3:
Customers use the Smart Link™ to go directly into their registered payment flows—no login required.

Smart Link™ Benefits

  • Provide a seamless, payment experience anywhere, any way customers want to pay—in just a few clicks
  • Reduce inbound customer service calls and in-person payments by making it easy for customers to self-serve
  • Help offline payers move online with an easy way to pay across mobile channels such as SMS, email and QR codes

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SMS, Email or Push Notifications
Send customers communications containing a Smart Link™ via emails, SMS or push notifications.
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In a Digital Wallet
Customers can access a Smart Link™ in their digital wallets for a frictionless mobile payment experience.
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QR Code on Bill
Customers can scan a QR code containing a Smart Link™ on their bills to easily make mobile payments.

Get Started with Smart Link Technology

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