PayNearMe Introduces Smart Switch™ to Enable Card Processing Redundancy for Billers and iGaming Operators

March 5, 2024

Connection to multiple merchant processors through a single platform integration facilitates maximum uptime and reliability for PayNearMe clients

SANTA CLARA, Calif., March 5, 2024 – PayNearMe, the fintech company bringing progress to payments, introduces Smart Switch, a new, first-to-market technology that provides full card processing redundancy with a single integration and single contract. By onboarding clients to multiple merchant processors, the company can easily activate Smart Switch to reroute card transactions in the event of processor downtime or issues.

While modern payment providers incorporate redundancy and disaster recovery into their platforms, many overlook a critical vulnerability: relying on just one merchant processor introduces an inherent single point of failure. This oversight leaves systems exposed to potential disruptions and risk.

“We can’t control when or how merchant processor failures or outages happen, but we can protect our clients from losses when card processing disruptions inevitably occur.”

Steve Kramer, Vice President of Product, PayNearMe

“With Smart Switch, we simply hit a button when outages happen and, in mere seconds, our clients are rerouted to another processor, allowing them to continue processing card transactions.”

Smart Switch makes card processing redundancy and reliability available to all PayNearMe clients, regardless of their technical expertise or resources. “Redundant card processing has long been the standard for highly sophisticated e-commerce merchants, but has been out of reach for most due to the complex technical expertise and ongoing maintenance required,” said Kramer. “Our clients gain access to Smart Switch with no additional work or configuration.”

“Failure to provide card processing redundancy exposes businesses to revenue loss, escalates costs due to surges in customer service inquiries, and can have significant reputational risks,” said Kramer. “With Smart Switch, we’re shielding our clients from these outage-related losses and sending a clear message to the industry—card processing redundancy is crucial for billers and iGaming operators. Payments platforms that don’t incorporate this level of redundancy will quickly become irrelevant.”

About PayNearMe

PayNearMe develops technology that drives better payment experiences for businesses and their customers. Our modern, flexible and reliable platform helps businesses increase customer engagement, improve operational efficiency and drive down the total cost of accepting payments. PayNearMe enables more ways to pay by offering major payment types and channels in a single platform.

PayNearMe processes all major forms of payment including Cash App Pay, PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay, Google Pay, cards, ACH and has enabled cash payments through our proprietary electronic cash network at more than 62,000 retail locations in the U.S.

Thousands of businesses partner with PayNearMe to manage the end-to-end customer payment experience in industries such as Consumer Finance, Property Management, Insurance, Tolling, Utility and Municipality, iGaming and Sports Betting.

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