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Engagement Engine

About Engagement Engine

PayNearMe Engagement Engine is designed to encourage targeted payment behaviors by engaging customers through SMS, email or push notifications. 

With Engagement Engine, PayNearMe clients can:

  • Send configurable, automated bulk emails or SMS, or enable push notifications if digitals wallets are in use
  • Tailor messaging to specific customers based on account information, geography, payment history, etc. 
  • Send one-click payment links to encourage on-time payments
  • Send communications in English or Spanish, based on language preferences
  • Access message status reporting directly in the PayNearMe platform

Video Transcript

Getting in front of your customers at the right time, in the right way is crucial.

According to a study by the U.S. government, nearly 80 percent of consumers are sometimes, or often,missing payments.

With PayNearMe Engagement Engine, your customers no longer have to wonder when their next bill is due–or remember complicated login information to pay it.

Customizable engagements help you reach more customers to encourage on-time payments and reduce service calls.

Schedule automated text, email or push notifications with reminders, important announcements or delinquency notifications , and include one-click payment links.

Messaging is available in English or Spanish, depending on customer language preferences.

And because Engagement Engine and message status reporting are embedded in the PayNearMe platform, there’s no need to worry about 3rd party integration or moving between multiple screens.

Learn how PayNearMe’s Engagement Engine can help you drive better payment behavior and reach business goals. Request your demo today.

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