Harnessing Payments Data to Create Hyper-Personalized Consumer Experiences

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Every payment your customers make can contain hundreds of valuable data points, creating a treasure trove of information over the course of the loan. However, most financial institutions don’t have the means or experience to collect, analyze and act on this data, leaving countless opportunities on the table.

Join PayNearMe and Datos Insights to learn how executives can harness the data found in each payment transaction to create Amazon-like experiences for their customers and transform the consumer experience.

During this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Key findings from The Value of Payments Data: How Financial Institutions Can Rethink and Prioritize Data-Based Decision-Making
  • How a lack of data resources is impacting financial institutions
  • How to leverage AI and ML to help compensate for a lack of human resources
  • Actionable ways to use payments data to improve the customer experience
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"PayNearMe is always trying to solve our issues and they put a lot of effort into putting out a good product."
Anthony Cox
AVP, Payments Strategy
Redstone Federal Credit Union

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