Case Study:  BetSaracen Quickly Dominates Market with the MoneyLine™ Platform 

Case Studies
July 25, 2023

The Opportunity: An Emerging Online Operator

BetSaracen, the new online sports wagering app owned by Saracen Casino Resort, was one of the first betting apps to market in the state of Arkansas. Saracen needed a quick way to access digital deposits and payouts for their players, and selected MoneyLine, powered by PayNearMe, as their payments platform via integration with Saracen’s player account management system, Amelco. As a result, BetSaracen has maintained over 63% of market share since August of 2022. 

Use Cases: Rapid and Sustainable Growth

  • Get to market quickly & secure market share: PayNearMe’s one integration and one contract allowed Saracen to get their app live quickly and easily. BetSaracen captured, retained and grew their market share despite emerging competition. 
  • Attract players with a great user experience: By offering the newest and most popular payment types, BetSaracen strengthened their player experience with a seamless way to deposit and withdraw funds. 
  • Reduce strain on the team: MoneyLine’s single platform gave the Saracen team all payment types in one integration, letting them focus resources on crucial acquisition efforts. 

The Solution: A Streamlined Payments Experience

PayNearMe teamed up with Saracen and popular gaming platform provider, Amelco, to add the full MoneyLine platform to the BetSaracen app. The quick and easy integration gave BetSaracen players access to payments via debit, PayPal, cash and more. 

PayNearMe’s single integration and single contract for all payment methods resulted in minimal impact to Saracen’s internal resources. MoneyLine’s cashier was embedded directly into BetSaracen’s app interface, giving customers a seamless user experience. 

We easily overcame being 2nd to market by far surpassing the payment options of the competitor, and we’ve never looked back since. Speed to market share dominance was definitely a huge contributor to our success. 

Senior Director, Saracen

The Results: Market Share Domination

BetSaracen launched in May 2022 and quickly seized nearly half of the market share in Arkansas in their first month of operation due to the strength of Saracen’s platform and optimal user experience. 

In August of the same year, BetSaracen added debit deposits and push-to-debit withdrawals, which led to their market share exploding to more than double (63%) that of the closest competition (26%), despite a third competitor going live in Arkansas that month. In fact, the new competitor stole zero percent of market share from BetSaracen. 

Saracen continues to innovate through MoneyLine, with plans to add both deposits and withdrawals via Venmo, deposits via Apple Pay and withdrawals via Cardless Cash at ATM—a feature unique to the MoneyLine platform. 

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