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Six Ways to Build Engagement with Your Electronic Bill Presentment Solution

January 4, 2021

This is a guest post written by Heather Brunson, Marketing and Communications Manager at FSSI. You can learn more about FSSI here.

In today’s digital world, you want to offer the convenience and flexibility of the most robust electronic statement presentment to your customers – one that will increase engagement and improve overall satisfaction. By implementing a highly customizable option with user-friendly functionality, you can make accessing statements and paying bills a fast, seamless, no-hassle online experience.

A forward-thinking electronic presentment solution enables bills to be delivered, accessed and paid online through a robust web portal for maximum convenience. Quick and easy ePresentment access puts your customers in the driver’s seat – from how they view statements to gaining full control over their user preferences. This control helps build brand loyalty while keeping you competitive.

Let’s dive deeper into the value of customer engagement and the benefits of a forward-thinking ePresentment solution.  

Why Customer Engagement Is Important

Building meaningful connections with your customers can improve the overall customer experience. The more valuable and frequent the engagement, the more invested and loyal your customer base will be with your brand. Plus, “going the extra mile” will pay off with your customers by adding value to an already positive experience, increasing your own bottom line while keeping your customers happy. So, how can your customers engage via ePresentment?

Electronic Bill Presentment: A Winning Customer Engagement Strategy

Let’s face it – customers want to view statements and make payments in the fewest steps possible. Ease of use in a safe, secure environment is key. By offering the latest bells and whistles of a forward-thinking ePresentment solution, you can increase your customer interactions. Here are the top six ways you can build engagement.

  1. Easy access to important documents – Improve the customer experience and make information readily accessible with easy-to-use features, so customers can quickly log-in and view their electronic documents and account information. Make sure the authentication process is quick and easy while keeping customers’ data secure.     
  2. Real-time notifications – Timely email and text notifications alert customers when their documents are ready for review, making sure they never miss a bill. You can also send notifications that a payment is due, a payment has been made and more.   
  3. Full control over customer preferences – Remember when we said customers want to control their user experience? With a robust electronic presentment solution, they can manage their notification and delivery preferences 24/7, adjusting their choices at any time, all on their own.
  4. Full access to features and benefits – Electronic presentment offers web-friendly PDFs, clickable links for viewing check images or marketing information and printer-friendly statements.  
  5. Relevant marketing messages – Just like their paper counterpart, the electronic experience includes targeted marketing communications, so your customers receive offers, discounts and news that are most relevant and useful to them.
  6. Quick and easy payments – An integrated electronic bill pay option can seamlessly link your ePresentment application and payment provider. Multiple integration points give your customers the ability to pay directly from within the interface – with options to use cash, debit, credit, ACH and mobile-first payment methods including Apple Pay and Google Pay for maximum convenience. Customers can even schedule payments for timely remittance. 

Customer Engagement Starts with the Right ePresentment Partner

Take the steps today to provide a straightforward and convenient way for your customers to access their statements and make payments. With FSSI and PayNearMe as your strategic partners, you can build engagement and brand loyalty with cutting-edge electronic presentment and bill pay services that maximize the customer experience, from start to finish.

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