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What a Technology-First Payments Solution Really Means

March 5, 2019

“What makes your payments company different?” It’s a fair question, but it’s not really the right question to ask. At the core, the what of nearly every payments company will be the same: safely guiding money between customers and businesses. Instead of telling you what you already know, we’d rather focus on a different angle: the how.

PayNearMe’s “how” is rooted in our technology-first approach. Unlike legacy vendors that have spent years duct taping new code onto old, our software was built from the ground up to conform to the standards of more modern, mobile-focused tech – yielding significant advantages along the way. Let’s dig into some of the most important ones.

Silicon Valley, Meet Payments

People are the heart and soul of any successful company, and our people just happen to be some of the most talented tech thinkers in the world. PayNearMe’s leadership team is comprised of Silicon Valley veterans with distinguished resumes and even more impressive goals.

Starting at the top, our CEO, Danny Shader, has been consistently successful in the startup technology sector, with a long history of building innovative, high-growth companies. Danny co-founded, one of the first person-to-person payments providers, which Amazon acquired in 1999. He then led wireless software company Good Technology, which was acquired by Motorola in 2007.

danny shader paynearme ceo
CEO Danny Shader speaking at the annual Finovate conference.

But our thought leadership in the technology space doesn’t end with Danny. Take our Chief Innovation Officer, Steve Capps, as an example. He’s an Apple Fellow that worked on the original Macintosh, and is credited with helping create the original Mac Finder and ROM.

Steve Capps and other members of the Apple Newton team.

Now imagine pairing a team of seasoned tech innovators from the valley with some of the most successful engineers, product development and business professionals from the payments world, and you can see how PayNearMe’s innovative roots translate into our disruptive product.

If anyone can claim to know technology, our team has the walk to match the talk.

The Power of the Cloud

Spend a day on the internet and you’re bound to hear about “the cloud.” But what does it actually mean?

For starters, it means that PayNearMe’s platform has the ability to work for your business anytime and anywhere. Our entire tech stack is optimized to deliver speedy performance with top of the line security for all of our customers, regardless of customizations and local conditions. This translates to a more reliable, stable and consistent experience for all of our customers.

Running our stack in the cloud also means superior usability and innovation. Our team is able to roll out updates weekly, making sure you always have the newest features and functionality as soon as they’re available.

An Obsessive Focus on User Experience

Exhaustive research, user analytics and common sense have made one thing very clear to us: when you make it easy for customers to pay their bills, they are more likely to pay their bills. That’s why our product team focuses their super powers on creating frictionless mobile and desktop experiences for end users.

Features like card scanning, add to mobile wallet and automated reminders make it incredibly easy for customers to pay their bills – without ever forcing them to download a clunky app or remember a password. Our platform is built with mobile-first in mind, meaning every piece of the experience was optimized for mobile users (the predominant payment device) before we designed our desktop experience.

To say we’re obsessive about user experience would be an understatement.

Perpetual Innovation

No two words strike fear into the hearts of your IT team more than Upgrade Now. We’re determined to put an end to that.

With biweekly feature releases, security patches and quality of life improvements, we ensure that your team is always getting the best possible PayNearMe experience. And remember all that “cloud” talk we covered a few paragraphs ago? That also ensures that you get all of our updates delivered without interruption to service.

Secure and Compliant

And now, a quick word to all of our readers who live for the fine print, brought to you by our fanatically practical security and compliance teams.

paynearme compliance

PayNearMe is compliant with internationally recognized security standards including third party accreditation from the International Standards Organization. We are compliant with regulations such as the Bank Secrecy Act, IS Patriot Act, OFAC to name a few. We have anti-money laundering controls including transaction monitoring and limits. The PayNearMe platform is fully PCI compliant, so customers don’t have to be, saving you time and money.

The Final Word: Every Payment Matters

At the end of the day, technology matters because every payment matters. It matters to your business operations when you have collection agents who can’t do their jobs because your payment partner is down. It matters to your customers, knowing their payment data is safe and secure. And it matters to your bottom line when a customer has the money to pay you, but can’t.

It’s time to see how technology is changing HOW payments are made. And seeing is believing. Schedule a 15-minute demo to see how PayNearMe’s technology-first approach can help you run a better business.