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Accept All Major Payment Types

One platform for all payment methods means happier customers, simplified reporting and more on-time payments.

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More Payment Methods

Accept all the major payment methods, or choose which ones you want to offer customers.
Debit Card
Credit Card
Bank Account (ACH)

Autopay & Scheduling

Flexible scheduling give payers complete control over their payments—allowing you to cater to the needs of all your customers.

  • One-time or Recurring
    Schedule a one-time payment or “set it and forget it” with advanced autopay features.
  • Autopay Frequency
    Allow monthly, weekly, twice-monthly, or customized payment dates.
  • Autopay Duration
    Pick a start and end date for autopay, or set it to expire after a defined number of payments.
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    Everywhere Your Customers Pay

    Empower your customers to make a payment wherever, whenever and however they want.

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    The Most Convenient Cash Payment Network

    Enable customers to pay with cash at 40,000+ participating retail locations.

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