Remote Call Center Best Practices

PayNearMe offers a range of solutions to help your remote call center agents stay productive, compliant and secure.
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Maintain Compliance

Call center agents working from the home don’t have the luxury of built-in PCI-DSS and NACHA compliance safeguards like secure phone lines, recording software or keycard entry facilities. PayNearMe offers a set of secure tools to help agents collect payments without taking card numbers over the phone, remaining compliant in the process.

  • Pay by Text Message & Email
    Agents can push messages to customers while staying on the line, allowing them to complete guided payments without taking card information.
  • Built-in IVR
    Activate our built-in payments IVR to securely accept card payments on the phone without agent intervention.
  • Consumer Authorized Payments
    Allow your customers to authorize recurring web payments and card transactions from their own devices, avoiding the need for voice recording software.
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Software That Works Everywhere

Ensuring call center agents stay productive is critical to capturing more on-time payments. PayNearMe was engineered from the ground up to work anywhere, any time and in any situation.

  • Cloud-Based Access
    Built with cutting edge cloud technology, PayNearMe can be securely accessed from any browser, allowing call center agents to work anywhere.
  • Built for Uptime
    PayNearMe is architected for uptime - with failover protection, redundant servers and 10x peak-load protection to keep your agents productive and payments flowing.
  • Always Up to Date
    Zero downtime maintenance and releases, coupled with a central codebase means all your agents have the most up to date software—easing your organization's IT burden.
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Secure Access

PayNearMe takes appropriate measures to ensure the security of our platform and those accessing it. We put in place rigorous security standards and adhere to recommended best practices to bolster our platform against cyber risks.

  • Encrypted Connection
    Our web-based platform is encrypted with leading 256-bit SSL encryption for industry-leading protection.
  • Full Tokenization
    Advanced tokenization protects card data in motion and rest, never storing card data locally or within our platform.
  • Data Security
    We protect your data with comprehensive privacy and security assessments and certifications performed by multiple third parties.

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