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QR Code Payments

What if your customers could easily make electronic payments from their paper statements?

With QR Code payment options from PayNearMe, mobile bill pay has never been easier.

QR Codes encourage your customers to pay from their paper statements using their mobile devices and remove the need to complete payments in store, by mail or over the phone.

How does it work? PayNearMe provides a unique payment link which you can use to generation a personal QR Code. You can then place this QR Code on the customer’s billing statement.

The customer then scans the code with their smart phone camera, chooses their payment method, completes the payment, receives a receipt, and removes the need to remember account or log-in information.

Encourage more customers to self-service by making it easier to move from physical checks to electronic payments.

Ready to make your physical to digital switch? Learn more about QR code payments.

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