PayNearMe Announces the PayNearMe Channel Partner Program for U.S. Partners

November 16, 2017

Today we are pleased to share that the PayNearMe Channel Partner Program for partner deployments in the U.S. is up and running.  We created the Channel Partner Program to ensure that partners are fully equipped to take advantage of PayNearMe technology and resources and thereby accelerate the implementation and adoption of PayNearMe offerings by partner affiliates.

Several partners are already taking advantage of the new PayNearMe Chanel Partner Program, including industry leaders in customer experience management solutions such as KUBRA, and loan servicing software systems like Auto Master Systems, Inc., Megasys, Inc., and Shaw Systems Associates, Inc. Other technology platforms such as Cubs Consulting, InfoSend, Inc. and Invoice Cloud, and many others, are also participating.

“With our clients’ ever-growing need to increase channels to receive payments, as well as extend customer service, PayNearMe has been a tremendously valuable partner to our offering,” said Russ Alberti, Director of Sales for InfoSend, Inc. “Since 2011, InfoSend and PayNearMe have provided an integrated approach for securely applying a payment barcode to the bills so that payors can conveniently remit payments at tens of thousands of retail locations – and it is as easy as buying a gallon of milk!”

Software providers interested in joining the new PayNearMe Channel Partner Program can visit or contact

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