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PayNearMe for Lime

June 11, 2018

In April, Lime introduced their colorful bicycles to St. Louis. Normally, it costs $1 for 30 minutes to ride a LimeBike. To make their bikes more accessible for low-income riders, Lime offers options — like text-to-unlock services — that don’t require smartphones or credit cards.

This month, Lime rolled out a new program, Lime Access, that lets low-income riders to purchase 100 bike rides for $5. People may start applying now.

How does one purchase time?

Riders may pay through Lime’s app using a credit card, debit card or Apple Pay. Or they may pay cash at a PayNearMe location.  Some CVS, 7-Eleven or Family Dollar stores are participating in the program. To pay with cash, riders must first qualify for Lime Access, a needs-based program. For more information, go to Lime’s Community Impact Page.

Once qualified, customers will receive a link to a PayNearMe payment code to complete the payment. Then customers can:

  1. Take the PayNearMe payment code to a participating payment location.
  2. Show the payment code to the clerk and pay with cash.
  3. Keep the receipt as proof of payment.

Now it is secure, convenient and easy to purchase rides with cash using PayNearMe.