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Welcome Nebraska, our 1st State Government Client

June 3, 2014

Earlier last week, the Nebraska State Treasurer’s Office launched a partnership with PayNearMe to expand its payment options by offering non-custodial parents a way to pay electronically with cash for child support payments. Prior to partnering with PayNearMe, non-custodial parents who preferred to pay with cash didn’t have many options.

They either mailed a money order or physically drove to a payment center and paid at the customer service window.  Now there are 50 PayNearMe payment locations in Nebraska and neighboring communities in bordering states, and nationwide, there are more than 17,000 including 7-Eleven, ACE Cash Express or Family Dollar stores.

All are open extended hours and over the weekend, and over 8,000 are open 24/7 making it easy and convenient for non-custodial parents to make their payment any time, day or night. The convenience of making an anytime, anywhere payment is especially important for those who work multiple shifts or are on the road a lot.

The payment process is secure and convenient.  Parents login to the Nebraska Child Support Payment Center website, select PayNearMe as their payment option, and print or send a mobile PayCode to their phone.

They present the PayCode at a participating payment location with the amount of cash they would like to pay and receive a printed receipt confirming that their obligations are met.

The Nebraska Child Support Payment Center receives an instant notification, the non-custodial parent’s payment record is automatically updated, and PayNearMe initiates the funds transfer the next banking day. It’s simple, secure and convenient for everyone involved.

“The addition of this new electronic cash payment option is part of our ongoing effort to improve efficiency and make the child support payment system easier for all,” says Don Stenberg, Nebraska State Treasurer, in a May 27 press release. “This new system not only makes cash payments more convenient for parents, it also reduces our administrative costs.”

PayNearMe would like to recognize the staff of the Nebraska State Treasurer’s Office who worked tirelessly over the last few months to make this a reality for their constituents.  We are thrilled to partner with them, and look forward to serving the Nebraska community!