8,000 more reasons why PayNearMe wins over any walk-up bill payment and money orders

February 6, 2014

At PayNearMe, we are committed to bringing cash consumers into the digital age by making remote cash payments as convenient and easy as electronic transactions via ACH and credit cards.

As companies like Apple have demonstrated, it often takes deep technology to deliver a great and simple user experience. PayNearMe’s sophisticated and flexible technology platform enables merchants, government agencies and other payees to deliver the best possible user-experience so consumers can complete their payments quickly and easily and get on with their more important (or fun) activities.

Prior to today, however, we have had one significant limitation: footprint.  Because our retail partners did not cover the entire country, some regional and nationwide payees had to chose between PayNearMe’s great experience for their customers and antiquated options with more payment locations.

Beginning today, that trade-off is a thing of the past.  We are proud to announce that Family Dollar, the nation’s leading dollar and variety-store chain with over 8,000 locations in 46 states, has joined the PayNearMe network. With this addition of Family Dollar, consumers can complete PayNearMe transactions at more than 17,000 locations across the country.

Family Dollar practically doubles our retail footprint and provides nearly ubiquitous coverage for consumers.  Now, we think our footprint is hard to beat.  Why? Because most merchants and government agencies would prefer to send their consumers to a well-lit, trusted retailer like 7-Eleven or Family Dollar than, say, to a liquor store that offers traditional walk-up payments.

With the addition of Family Dollar, PayNearMe has become the no-compromises cash payment network: the best user experience, the best retail footprint, and the best integration for easy, error- and fraud-free cash transactions at scale.

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