See what Clients are saying about PayNearMe
CPS - Laurie Straten

My experience with PayNearMe has been fantastic. They always deliver what they have promised. Very refreshing nowadays.

Laurie Straten Executive Vice President of Servicing
Zeus Financial - Reduce delinquency rate

"We would never have imagined that we'd be able to reduce our delinquency rate to the low numbers we have now, given a portfolio of our size."

Angela Paez General Manager
Automotive Partners Funding - Platform ease of use

"The PayNearMe Platform is so easy that any one of our staff on the phone with a customer can help them make a payment."

Bethany Berg VP of Operations
Cash App Pay - Mike Lavin - CPS

The addition of Cash App Pay gives our customers even more choice and flexibility for making their auto loan payments. PayNearMe is helping us meet our customers where they are by enabling payments at any time, anywhere and in any way they want to pay.

Mike Lavin Chief Operating Officer
Jack Starks - American Bank

"The combination of PayNearMe’s Engagement Engine and Smart Link™ technology is amazing. When it comes time for borrowers to make their payments, they can easily self-serve via the many different channels, and are automatically reminded to do so."

Jack Starks SVP Compliance & Technology
Rafe Dunlap - LendingClub

One reason we chose PayNearMe over other payment providers was the company's Smart Link™️ technology. This solution significantly reduced both call time and frequency in our call centers, while enabling our customers to easily make self-service payments. Many providers promise innovation—PayNearMe actually delivers.

Rafe Dunlap VP, Collections Strategy
You Drive -  Jose A. Gonzalez

I was worried that our phones were not working - but our payments were still coming through. Implementing PayNearMe drove down our call volume to almost silence.

Jose A. Gonzalez Head of Customer Experience
Automotive Partners Funding - Text Engagements

"Text Engagements have not only helped us reduce our past due accounts, we've also been able to eliminate more than half of the late notices we send in the mail. This has created a huge savings on postage for us."

Bethany Berg VP of Operations
Rodeo Auto North - Jose Chinchilla - decease agent payments

“We decreased our agent payments by 40% in less than a year with PayNearMe.”

Jose Chinchilla Operations Manager
Superior Car Credit - Lisa Patterson - Eliminated in-store payments

We have eliminated in-store payments at two dealerships.

Lisa Patterson CFO
CPS - Mike Lavin

We chose PayNearMe because they have the industry’s best bill payment technology platform.

Mike Lavin Chief Operating Officer
Gil's Auto Sales - Jamie Dyer - Self-serve payment channels

Now our customers can serve themselves without having to wait on hold or speak to an agent. Better yet, promoting these self-serve payment channels has allowed us to free up two collectors.

Jamie Dyer Vice President
Gil's Auto Sales - Jamie Dyer - AMS Integration

The Auto Master integration is perfect in terms of talking, posting and reversing. It's all there on one screen and with one seamless transaction.

Jamie Dyer Vice President
Superior Car Credit - Lisa Patterson - Auto Master

Since PayNearMe is integrated with Auto Master, when payments are made, they post automatically and my collectors don’t even have to worry about those customers anymore.

Lisa Patterson CFO
Zeus Financial - Agent payments down 20%

"We were very pleased to see that our agent-assisted payments decreased by 20% in less than a year."

Angela Paez General Manager
HCAC - Arthur Helmick

"Our customers have come to expect the level of service that PayNearMe provides. Previous bill pay providers were not able to deliver this type of payment experience. I'm thankful PayNearMe has been able to provide this level of service to my customers."

Arthur Helmick COO
Automotive Partners Funding - Process Improvements

"Switching to PayNearMe has significantly lightened my workload on a daily basis and made our month-end reporting a lot easier. We no longer need someone to batch post manually—the PayNearMe Platform does it for us."

Bethany Berg VP of Operations
Amelco - Andrew Shonka - Preferred payment partner

"We’re happy to have MoneyLine as a preferred payment partner; our customers trust that they’ll have access to the latest technology, which keeps them happy in the long run."

Andrew Shonka Director, Customer Success
Redstone Federal Credit Union - Anthony Cox - Good product

"PayNearMe is always trying to solve our issues and they put a lot of effort into putting out a good product."

Anthony Cox AVP, Payments Strategy
Rodeo Auto - Jose Chinchilla - Decreased delinquencies

“Our delinquencies have decreased significantly since implementing PayNearMe Engagements. Sending consistent payment reminders once an account becomes past due has helped quite a lot.”

Jose Chinchilla Operations Manager