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See what Clients are saying about PayNearMe
CPS – 4 – Mike Lavin
PayNearMe understands our vision for the future and delivers incredible day-to-day support.
Mike Lavin
Chief Operating Officer
CPS – 3 – Mike Lavin
With PayNearMe, we can increase self-service transactions and reduce payment-related call center interactions.
Mike Lavin
Chief Operating Officer
CPS -2 – Mike Lavin
PayNearMe constantly presents us with new ways to create better digital experiences.
Mike Lavin
Chief Operating Officer
Sierra Credit
We love the electronic cash payment option from PayNearMe and Megasys. With the ability to email and text PaySlips, we expect to significantly shrink the number of late payments, as well as reduce our overhead.
Andrea Murphy
Adonis Auto Group
PayNearMe has made our customer' payment options easier, which has made our customers' lives easier. This is the mark of a good vendor.
Josh Austin
CapitalCredit – Todd Brister
When customers can manage the payment process themselves using their personalized payment links to make payments, they’re happy. They don’t have to call in to talk to an agent. All they need to do is click a few buttons.
Todd Brister
SVP, National Accounts
BetMGM- Maria Tomlinson
“We’re constantly looking for ways to improve the customer experience on BetMGM, so when PayNearMe made it possible for us to expand its frictionless payments experience across more deposit types, we knew it was the best bet for both our business and our customers.”
Maria Tomlinson
Head of Payments
Sean McGaughey – Modern Finance Co.
PayNearMe has helped keep both our staff and customers healthy by allowing us to keep a safe distance during the payment collection process.
Sean McGaughey
VP Dealer Relations
Dany Lynch – Affiliate Mortgage
“We couldn’t be happier, and we’re looking forward to building on this success with increased options and functionality as the year moves forward."
Dan Lynch
President & CEO
Steven DeLutri – OneMain 2
"Our growing partnership with PayNearMe has not only been financially rewarding but has helped us shift the mindset operationally."
Steven DeLutri
Assistant Treasurer
Steven DeLutri – OneMain Financial
"It’s a brilliant, elegant solution that our customers adopted quickly without any disruption to our business."
Steven DeLutri
Assistant Treasurer
Marcus Berkowitz – Grameen 2
"The PayNearMe platform makes it possible for us to get the funds to members in need quickly, without a physical handoff and with minimal risk."
Marcus Berkowitz
Vice President of Technology and Innovation
Sean Bennett – Servicing Solutions
PayNearMe fits the model built by Servicing Solutions to provide ease of payment to all our customers. This ranges from the underbanked and those who prefer to make their payments in cash via PayNearMe’s 27,000+ retail locations, to self-servicing customers who prefer to pay with their mobile device using ACH, debit, or credit.
Sean Bennett
Director of Business Technology
Antonino Morales – Apoyo
PayNearMe is a great partner because they provide Apoyo Financiero the option to reliably accept cash or electronic payments from our customers where and when they choose.
Antonino Morales
President and CEO
What stands out with PayNearMe’s service is the real-time posting, reporting and superior customer service. Our customers are happy since they now have the convenience of paying with debit card in addition to cash and can easily make repeat monthly payments without our having to call them.
Dawn Baker
Mike Meltser – Capital Auto Financial
The interface is very easy-to-use and gives us a number of ways to engage our customers to ensure on-time payments without additional charges or hidden fees.
Mike Meltser
Marcus Berkowitz – Grameen
PayNearMe’s debit and cash payment options have worked extremely well for our members. Making payments by debit card has proven to be faster, more convenient, and hugely beneficial for them.
Marcus Berkowitz
Vice President of Technology and Innovation
Tidalwave – Ted Beresford
PayNearMe proved that we can shape our customers' behavior to better our operation.
Ted Beresford
7-Eleven – Joe DePinto
"PayNearMe’s reliable and flexible payment platform is another way 7-Eleven continues to give customers what they want, when and where they want it—whether they want to conveniently pay bills with cash, make online purchases, buy a bus ticket or even pay taxes."
Joe DePinto
President & CEO
PayNearMe’s customer focus is unbeatable. We appreciate that they have gone above and beyond for our customers.
Cameron Colella
Senior Onboarding Specialist