See what Clients are saying about PayNearMe
Win Win Financial - Kelly Carroll - Engagements

"With PayNearMe Engagements data, we can easily see how our autopays are performing."

Kelly Carroll General Manager
LPI Loans - Sheri Wilford - Latest tech

"PayNearMe is constantly updating their platform and keeps up with the latest technology. That’s a great fit for us."

Sheri Wilford President
Automotive Partners Funding - Dispute Process

"PayNearMe's dispute process is substantially easier, and has actually led to meaningful results for us. I was pleasantly surprised because we had never won a chargeback before with our previous system."

Bethany Berg VP of Operations
Amelco - Andrew Shonka - Customer feedback

"Since integrating with MoneyLine, we’ve gotten positive feedback from our customers. They’re seeing great results...and we’ve even had other operators ask how they can access those payment options as well."

Andrew Shonka Director, Customer Success
Gil's Auto Sales - Jamie Dyer - Smart Link

The Smart Link™️ gives our customers access to everything about their account: balance, last payment and receipts. Their whole history is right there at the tip of their phone, all through one link.

Jamie Dyer Vice President
ABS - Miranda Price - Smart Link

We're excited about PayNearMe's Smart Link technology, which enables our clients to offer borrowers an easy and fast way to pay on a smartphone via a QR code, email, text or push notification.

Miranda Price Vice President of Business Development
GAN - Zdravko Ivanov

"One of the main benefits of integrating with the MoneyLine platform was that we’d have access to all the payment options we needed in one service. On top of that, set-up was quick and easy and the support we received from the team was great."

Zdravko Ivanov Product Owner
Mido Lotto - Rich Wheeler

"With MoneyLine, Mido Lotto can offer our players the ability to make deposits and withdrawals with cards, Venmo and PayPal. PayNearMe’s team of payments industry experts help us stay informed on developing trends in an evolving marketplace while helping us be more forward with a product roadmap that aligns to our players’ needs."

Rich Wheeler Co-Founder & President
Amelco - Andrew Shonka - Seamless and intuitive payment flow

"Embedding MoneyLine in our platform gives players a seamless and intuitive payment flow that looks and feels natural."

Andrew Shonka Director, Customer Success
Superior Car Credit - Lisa Patterson - Drop in outbound call volume

PayNearMe improves our ability to focus on customers who genuinely need our attention, while good paying customers can pay without calling in. Before, we’d have four collectors taking 800 payments in one day – but now we've seen a 32% drop in inbound call volume.

Lisa Patterson CFO
Amelco - Andrew Shonka - Fast and easy payments

"The payments experience is a make-or-break factor for many new players, so giving them the fast and easy experience that MoneyLine provides has been a huge asset to our platform."

Andrew Shonka Director, Customer Success
Amelco - Andrew Shonka - Meet market demand

"As future payment options become available through MoneyLine, our operators will have access to them quickly, allowing them to scale to meet market demand and stay competitive."

Andrew Shonka Director, Customer Success
Amelco - Andrew Shonka - Moneyline

"With MoneyLine, we can give our operators a payment stack that includes all of the tender types that players use the most, which in turn helps draw operators to our platform."

Andrew Shonka Director, Customer Success
Win Win Financial - Kelly Carroll - Smart Link

"Both our staff and customers love using PayNearMe. We send a Smart Link™ via text message,making it easy for our customers to save and reuse to make payments."

Kelly Carroll General Manager
Win Win Financial - Kelly Carroll - Autopay

"PayNearMe makes collecting autopay authorizations easy. Our customers simply receive a text message to sign up."

Kelly Carroll General Manager
Redstone Federal Credit Union - Anthony Cox - Process easy and convenient

"PayNearMe makes the process easy and convenient for our members. Before, they would need to call us or send a check. Now they simply click a Smart Link™ to complete a payment on their own."

Anthony Cox AVP, Payments Strategy
Redstone Federal Credit Union - Anthony Cox - Supportive partner

"I am very impressed with the PayNearMe team's willingness to always be there to help us, listen to us, support us, and ultimately be a good partner"

Anthony Cox AVP, Payments Strategy
LPI Loans - Sheri Wilford - User friendly platform

"I love the many payment options that PayNearMe has for our customers to make their lives easier. The platform is also very user friendly! This is extremely important for our customers and my staff."

Sheri Wilford President
Rodeo Auto North - Jose Chinchilla - More efficient collections

"Since partnering with PayNearMe, our collections department has become more efficient. 73% of our payments now come through self-serve payment channels."

Jose Chinchilla Operations Manager
CPS - 5 - Mike Lavin

PayNearMe’s Smart Link technology is like gold. In as few as two taps on their smartphone, our customers can pay their bill using whatever payment type they prefer.

Mike Lavin Chief Operating Officer